In December of 2018, at the tail end of a decade of writing commercial music, score, and original composition for Television and film, the suicide of Ian’s father was the catalyst for a deeply personal solo album.

“I was planning to make a 4 song EP called “It’s All Love” in 2019, just for me and not for anything in particular.” Ian explains, “But it felt wrong after my dad. It also felt weird for me to be doing upbeat songs at that time.” Fortunately, Ian was reading a collected works of Maxim Gorky at the time and came across a video of Heather O’neill describing the origin story of Gorky’s unique style.

O’neill explained that Maxim Gorky’s father died when he was little, and he was raised by an abusive grandfather until he ran away at the age of 11. Maxim decided to shoot himself, but the bullet missed his heart – and after recovering, he became a writer. With his writing, he discovered that joy and not anger was the bolder stance for a person to take. Hating your life is an acceptance of your circumstance, to love your life is an act of rebellion – a declaration of it’s worth.

“I basically clung to that principle and let it carry me through months of grief – riding the wave of the work of putting together this record. I reached out to all the talented people I know and practically all of them came along for the ride. I wrote the songs, but the music is the product of a real collaboration.” 

JOY REBEL was recorded in houses, apartments, and studios of friends, during late nights and early mornings between January and August of 2019. It features members of Good Old War (Tim Arnold, Keith Goodwin), Amos Lee’s band (Andy Keenan), Mo Lowda and the Humble (Nate Matulis) and SON LITTLE (Aaron Livingston). The album marks the sophomore solo effort from Bennett, whose first solo album “I’m Afraid of Everything” came out in 2008 on Grizzly Records – and it’s safe to say he has come a long way, both personally and musically since then.

(Ian’s “Credits” bio)

A prolific songwriter who spends more time behind the scenes than before a crowd, Ian’s debut album’s single was on WXPN’s holiday rotation from 2008-2010, and in 2008 his song “News to Me” won hearts across the globe when it aired on the popular TV show “One Tree Hill”. Since, he has focused on composing original song and score for History Channel, ABC, Disney, & MTV, and several films. His first original song in a film (The Oranges) was nominated for “Best Original Song” at 2013’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and in 2015, Entertainment Weekly featured his cover of “Blister in the Sun” (Grey’s Anatomy) in their “Best Music on TV Moments” column. In 2016, he recorded a duet cover of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” with Evan Rachel Wood for the sequel to “Ten Things I Hate About You”.