New album!

Hey there!

My duo project Radiant Life Perspective just released our new record “Little Light”! Check it out!


New series pilot! New record! Original soundtrack sales!

New stuff going on, I’ve been working on a theme and score for the pilot of a new series called “Spooky Squad” my friends over at the Continue channel and Fantasy Fiction created and are starring in for Maker Studios. It is my favorite thing i’ve ever worked on- absurd humor, silly songs, great story. Seriously, it’s hilarious and it will be out on the continue channel this week so check it out!!! 

Awesome email from a fan.. this stuff makes me wanna write!

Awesome email from a fan.. this stuff makes me wanna write!

I keep getting emails/msgs/comments every week from people who listen religiously to the songs I co-wrote (w/ Bobbie Parker) for The Oranges soundtrack now TWO YEARS AGO! The soundtrack continues to sell super well and we keep getting plays/views from it. I’m really grateful to anyone who has contacted me about those two songs (“We Can’t Stay Here” and “Come Home”). They mean so much to me as they were the first songs I wrote for a wide-release feature film. It makes my day every time someone tells me they like them.

Lastly, been writing a new record with a group of guys. It’s pretty folk rocky with a side of roots/blues influence. Super fun. It will be done and recorded by the end of November for a end of fall release and it’s probably the best group of songs I’ve ever written. It’ll be up on a fresh bandcamp page i will post here! =)

New album! New score! New stuff!

Hey guys, so earlier this month my band RLP quietly released a new full length and I gotta say thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and ordered the record! What a pleasant surprise. I hope you’re enjoying it. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is! overwhelmedblownout

I’ve also been working closely with the dudes from youtube’s popular Continue? channel, writing the theme song and scoring their new web series Smart Guys, as well as writing a theme song for a new pilot I can’t yet talk about, and working on RLP’s NEXT album “Pale Blue Lights” due out later this year. Thanks for visiting!!

Ridiculous JONTRON Commercial

Haven’t been on the net much lately as I’ve been working on my new record, but back in September I wrote a ridiculous parody theme song for my pal JonTron’s fictitious coffee company, “Jon Tron Coffee”. If you don’t know JonTron he’s one of the funniest and loudest voices on youtube, with over 1.3 million subscribers well earned! Check out the song here!

Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Music-on-TV Moments” this week!!

This week I was thrilled to see we’d been featured on Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Music-on-TV Moments” for Grey’s Anatomy – they write –

“Earlier in the ep, Philly indie outfit Radiant Life perspective turned up the energy with a videogame-y take on Violent Femmes’ 1983 tune, which saw Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) return with a ring on it.”

GREY’S ANATOMY, classic 80’s cover!

Next Thurs, Apr 24 @ 9:00 PM, watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC to hear me and my girl Bobbie Parker in Radiant Life Perspective cover “Blister in the Sun” by Violent Femmes. If you dig the cover, check us out at, Bandcamp and at our Facebook and connect!